Custom Swimming Pool FAQ's

1. How long does the custom-design process take?
We strive to meet with you and have your drawings and quotes back to you within 3-5 days.

2. Am I limited to the swimming pool designs I see on this website?
No, we custom design each pool from scratch just for your back yard. We will review all of your options in an initial meeting and create custom drawings for viewing.

3. How long does swimming pool construction take?
Depending on the pool, on average about 30 days, given leeway for any bad weather days.

4. I live in The Woodlands, Texas. What about building codes and permits?
We handle all permits and building applications for the homeowner, taking the worry and stress off of you!

5. Can Pierce Pools and Outdoor Visions help me with financing?
We have several lenders that we work with that can assist you, please see our Financing page for more information.

6. Do I have to put up a fence once my new swimming pool is built?
That depends on your county and HOA requirements, they differ from area to area.

7. What kind of swimming pool warranty does Pierce Pools and Outdoor Visions offer?
We offer one year on all workmanship and 3 years on all equipment.

8. What about swimming pool maintenance?
We do not offer maintenance at this time, however, we can refer several companies.

9. How much will I love my new Pierce Pools and Outdoor Visions backyard?
More than you can imagine! Dream, Build, Enjoy!!!!